Create Template

This screen can be reached from the Main screen, using the "Export Layout as Template..." option under the the File menu.

Templates enable you to export elements of the current project for easy use in other projects. This can include an entire visual layout, or just a selected set of Display Objects. For data files, it is useful to have templates that consist only of gauges and other data elements, so that a ready-made dashboard can be selected when a data file is added to the project.

You can change the templates shown in the Template Menu by modifying the template files in the "Templates" sub-folder within your "My Documents\RaceRender 3" folder. See the Template Menu documentation for more information.

Controls on the Template Creation Screen
  • Display Objects - Use the check-boxes to select which Display Objects will be exported into the template you are creating. Click on the name text under "Template Name" to edit the name of the object within the new template.

  • Inputs - The inputs that are associated with the selected Display Objects will be highlighted. Click on the name text under "Template Name" to edit the name of the input within the new template. This name will appear on the Template Load screen when the template is loaded.

  • "Create..." - Selects the template file name to use and creates it.