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Create Amazing Videos with RaceRender 3!

Powerful Features Made Easy - Quickly create amazing videos with custom data and graphics overlays, GPS telemetry, multiple camera picture-in-picture, 360° video, and more. Impress your fans with high-tech video of you in action!

Your Video + Your Data - Use the cameras and data equipment that you already have! Works with GoPro, 360fly, Sony ActionCam, Garmin VIRB, and many others. Visualizes data from a huge selection of GPS devices, data loggers, and apps.

Your Sports - Create telemetry data overlays for your auto racing, autocross, rally / rallycross, drag racing, drifting, gymkhana, motocross, aviation, sailing, cycling, mountain biking / MTB, running, and other activities! Works for any track or course. Includes additional features for road course racing and track days.

More Action - Show off the action from multiple camera angles with picture-in-picture video and camera switching, or show it all with 360° panoramic video! Take quality to the next level with 4K Ultra High Definition.

Available for Microsoft Windows® and Apple macOS®         Try RaceRender Today for Free!
(Ultra High Definition output and certain other features may require Windows 10 or macOS 10.10 "Yosemite" or newer)

Multiple Cameras

Works with many popular cameras and video file formats. Supports multiple cameras with picture-in-picture, split-screen, and camera-switching capabilities, as well as 360° video!


Data Overlays

Overlay data from a wide variety of data systems, GPS loggers, and even smartphone apps! File formats include CSV, VBO, NMEA, GPX, TCX, FIT, and others. Try yours today!


Go Even Further

Many great templates and styles are included so that you can make amazing videos right away, but why stop there? Easily change the look, colors, sizes, and layout to make it your own.

Free Edition
Deluxe Edition
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Advanced Edition &
Ultimate Edition
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Price Free! 39.95 USD Advanced: 49.95 USD
Ultimate: 59.95 USD
Maximum Output Video Length 3 Minutes Unlimited Unlimited
RaceRender Logo on Videos
Small logo can be moved to a position of your choice
Full Logo Flexible
Reduced size
Up to 40% transparent
Advanced: Flexible
Reduced size
Up to 40% transparent
Ultimate: Optional
Can be removed entirely
4K Ultra High Definition Video
(subject to increased system requirements)
Yes Yes Yes
360° Panoramic Video Support Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Video Cameras
Picture-in-Picture, Split-Screen, Quad, etc.
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Layouts & Sizes Yes Yes Yes
Trimming and Synchronization Tools Yes Yes Yes
Picture Mirroring / Flipping Yes Yes Yes
Basic Chroma Key Yes Yes Yes
Transparency / Watermarking Yes Yes Yes
Add Your Own Logos and Images Yes Yes Yes
Deluxe Capabilities Basic Full Features Full Features
Custom Text Overlays Limited Yes Yes
Audio Volume & Balance Adjustments No Yes Yes
Picture Cropping & Digital Zoom No Yes Yes
Picture Rotation No Yes Yes
Picture Adjustments
Brightness, Contrast, Color, Hue, and others
No Yes Yes
Maximum Input Files / Objects
(subject to system and other technical limitations)
6 128 128
Maximum Display Objects 32 256 256
Maximum Timeline Segments 3 64 64
Data Overlay Customizations Basic Basic Full Features
Support for Auxiliary Data Channels Yes Yes Yes
Import Realistic Background Images
(available for most data display objects)
Limited Limited Full
Track Map & Position Basic Basic Full
Speed Display Basic Basic Full
Engine RPM Display Basic Basic Full
Traditional Gauges Basic Basic Full
Enhanced Displays
Shift Lights, Gear Knobs, Unique Gauges, and more!
(scriptable for an advanced level of customization)
Basic Basic Full
Bar / Level Graph Full Full Full
2D Graph Basic Basic Full
G-Force Plot Full Full Full
Text Data Display Basic Full Full
Lap Number & Timer Basic Basic Full
Gear Indicator Basic Basic Full

Features and capabilities are subject to system and other technical limitations or requirements.
Data features depend on compatibility with data provided by other products. Some features are not functional with all data systems or sources.
Features, capabilities, compatibility, pricing, etc. are subject to change at any time and without notice.


Version 3.7.3 Now Available!
Get the latest release of RaceRender 3 for Windows and Macintosh from the Download page today!


Video created in RaceRender 3.4.4 Ultimate using data from the TrackAddict app
YouTube Link



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