Compatible Data Sources

RaceRender can visualize and overlay data provided by a wide range of data acquisition systems, general dataloggers, GPS recorders, GPS-enabled video cameras, and even certain smartphone apps!

Most notably, it supports common implementations of CSV, NMEA, GPX, TCX, and FIT file formats. Many data products can export into at least one of those formats.
For additional guidance, please see "Create Data Overlays" and "Get a Data Input File" . If you need a data logger for motorsports, try our TrackAddict smartphone app.

Here are some popular choices that have been known to work. Click on a product name below for additional guidance on using its data with RaceRender.

Common Formats Data Systems and Software GPS Video Cameras Smartphone Apps
 iPhone and iOS Apps
 Android Apps
 Windows Phone Apps
  • GPX Travel Map

This is only a partial list of data sources that have been known or reported to work with RaceRender. Many others may also work too!
Compatibility and available data features depend on the format, data, and functionality provided by these other products, which may change at any time without notice.