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Many users make amazing videos with RaceRender's included templates, others dazzle us by using it to create or import their own gauges and layouts. Here you can see a sample of videos featuring RaceRender's popular data visualization and multi-camera capabilities.

Caterham Duratec R at Spa Francorchamps
Equipment: Drift Ghost S camera, AIM MXL Pista datalogger

1988 Porsche 911 at Targa Tasmania
Equipment: 2 HD Hero 3+ & DL1 Data Logger

BMW 335i at Circuit of the Americas
Equipment: TrackAddict HD + Dual XGPS150 + ELM327 WiFi

1990 Skyline GT-R at Buttonwillow
Equipment: G-Tech RR

1988 Porsche 911 at Sandown Raceway, Australia
Equipment: 2 HD Hero3+ & DL1 Data Logger

2006 Corvette Coupe at Summit Point
Datalogger: MaxQData

CR125 Shifter Kart at Portland Intl. Raceway
Datalogger: AIM Mychron4

1988 Porsche 911 at Targa Tasmania
Equipment: 3 HD Hero 3+ & DL1 Data Logger
Includes titles/captions and sequence editing created using other software

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