Synchronization Tool

    Change picture to:   Normal   Move Rear Camera 2 Seconds Forward  

This tool can be reached from the Main screen, using the Synchronization Tool button.

Sychronization of multiple input files can be easily adjusted and previewed using this tool. Select the input file that you want to adjust from the tool's drop-down list, then adjust its synchronization with other input files in your project by changing its "Starting Position in Input File" time index. If you use the buttons or bar to make adjustments, the main preview window will be automatically updated. If you change the text box, press Enter to update the preview window.

Click here to see an example (look at the rear view mirror in the picture above... In this example, it has been moved 2 seconds forward, while the front camera remains the same.)

"Offset Within Project" option - This is an advanced option that allows an input file to start playback deeper into the project, rather than at the very start of it. Set this to the time index within the current project where this input file will appear and start playing. By default, this is set to "00:00:00.00", which causes the input file's playback time to start running at the very beginning of the project, even if it is not being shown by a Display Object at that time. If you set this option to a later time in the project, the input will not appear or start playing until that time, which intentionally impacts synchronization with other input files.

Synchronization Tip

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