Privacy Policy & Notices

Services are provided as-is, and are subject to change or discontinuation at any time without notice or compensation. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied.

Like many apps, this app may transmit data to our servers and/or other servers and networks, in order to provide certain features and functionality. We respect your privacy and have made much of this opt-in, or otherwise require specific action from the user, where deemed practical. Some Internet-based services may be used automatically, which can provide a more optimal flow or user experience.
  • Live Telemetry Streaming
    When you enter the "Live Telemetry" setup screen in the app, our servers will be contacted to create an account for you to use. If you then also choose to enable this feature, your telemetry data will be sent to our servers whenever you are actively recording a session, so that it may be viewed on This data includes precise location, speed, heading, vehicle data, technical device information, and other information. Historical data may also be retained. For additional information on this service, see the Notices on

  • HP Tuners Devices
    When you connect an HP Tuners device, such as an MPVI2, this app may connect to related Internet servers for the purpose of product activation, updating its licensing and other data, and/or other services. This may be required for it to function. For additional information and terms, refer to the End User License Agreement (EULA) of the VCM Suite software and your HP Tuners device.

  • Session Data Files
    This app offers several methods where you may choose to share your session data with other people or devices, such as WiFi transfer and sharing via e-mail or other apps. Your data files and videos may also be accessible to other apps, via USB connection, etc. Be advised that files from this app can contain precise recorded locations, speeds, headings, vehicle data, technical information, and other information.

  • Vehicle Survey Data
    If you choose to participate in the Vehicle Survey, vehicle and device information will automatically be sent to our servers. This is a voluntary opt-in program that can help us better understand and support the vehicles and devices that are used with our products. It consists primarily of data obtained via an OBD-II interface, similar to data that is commonly collected by service departments and emissions testing stations. This includes vehicle identification, vehicle controller information, device model name and operating system, and other data. We may utilize our own proprietary techniques and know-how in this process, and any data obtained shall be ours to utilize as we see fit.

  • Third Party Services and Networks
    Features in this app that involve map graphics and/or data, in-app purchases, app review links, etc., may utilize services that are outside of our control. This includes, but is not limited to: Google Maps, Apple Maps, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. Refer the the terms and privacy policies of those services for more information.

    Additionally, all of the aforementioned features and services will utilize internet service providers, other third party networks, services, etc., that may be outside of our control and may not be private communications. It may be possible for others to identify you from these connections and the data transmitted.