QuickPIP Editions

QuickPIP is available in two editions:

Certain controls and options may appear grayed-out in the Free and Deluxe editions.

  Free Edition Deluxe Edition
Maximum Output Video Length 3 MinutesUnlimited
Maximum Input Files / Objects
(subject to system and other technical limits)
Maximum Display Objects 24256
Maximum Timeline Segments
(per Display Object)
(split screen, quad, etc.)
Custom Display Positions & Sizes YesYes
YouTube Uploader YesYes
Media Start & End Trimming Tool YesYes
Video Synchronization Tool YesYes
Picture Mirroring / Flipping YesYes
Chroma Key YesYes
Transparency / Watermarking YesYes
Audio Volume Adjustments NoYes
Audio Balance Adjustments NoYes
Picture Cropping & Digital Zoom NoYes
Image Rotation NoYes
Brightness Adjustment NoYes
Contrast Adjustment NoYes
Color Saturation Adjustment NoYes
Color Hue Adjustment NoYes
Sharpness Adjustment NoYes

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