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Services are provided as-is, and are subject to change or discontinuation at any time without notice. This service comes with inherent privacy implications, and is intended only for users who wish to share their live telemetry and other data with others over the Internet. Any privacy features offered are only meant to help limit general public visibility, and do not represent secure or truly private communication. Not intended for decision-making or safety-related uses. See Notices and Disclaimers at

  • This screen allows you view or change your ID's for live telemetry streaming, as well as configure which other users will appear on your track map while driving.
  • It is accessible from the More Options screen, which is reached from the main Setup screen.

  • Streaming: When using the app to record a session, this Live Streaming service can be used to share your live location, speed, lap times, vehicle data, etc. with others over the Internet. Data is viewable with a web browser at, and you can also link up with others who are using this app during the same track event. When you enter other user ID's into your "Following" list, those users' current positions can appear on your live track map when recording a session at the same track. Be advised that there can be some delay, and possible error, so this functionality should not be relied upon for decision-making or safety-related uses.

    • This relies on a live Internet connection, and although efforts have been made to keep the bandwidth usage low, it will of course use some data. Your wireless carrier and/or Internet provider's data charges may apply.
    • In some cases, if your device is connected to a WiFi-based OBD-II interface, your Internet connectivity, and therefore this service, may be limited or unavailable. However, recent versions of iOS can often accomodate both.
    • Live telemetry may not be compatible with the rules of some racing organizations. Please check your rule book if applicable.

  • Include OBD Data: If this option and Streaming are both enabled and you have a compatible OBD-II interface connected, the currently selected OBD data channels will also be included in your live telemetry stream and shown to viewers.

  • Private ID & Mode: When streaming in Private mode, your data is available to anyone who has your Private ID. If they try to use your Public ID, you will appear offline or unavailable to them. When using this mode, you will not be listed in the public online user list.

  • Public ID & Mode: When streaming in Public mode, your data is available to anyone who has your Public ID or your Private ID. When using this mode, your Public ID and telemetry data will also be listed in the public online user list on

  • Reset Button: This will change your ID's and passcode, with the option to retain the current list of other users that you are following. Other users would then need to obtain your new private or public ID in order to view your data. Use this option if your private ID or passcode has been compromised, or if you are unable to connect to your account.

  • Passcode: Your private ID and passcode is used to stream telemetry data and to manage your account on You can use the Reset button if you have reason to believe that it has been compromised.

  • Follow / Unfollow Others: Manage your "Following" list to choose which other user ID's will appear on your track map when you are both live streaming during the same track session. You can set the ID, position dot color, and assign a short text tag, for each user that you wish to include. This also allows you to choose your own position's dot color when in Live Streaming mode.

  • Troubleshooting: If the live streaming feature doesn't work for you, or you are unable to log in to your account, you can use the Reset button to generate a new account. This process may take several seconds as the server is contacted and a new account is created for you.

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