Getting Started

This app is intended for responsible use in a motorsports environment. Only use this application's controls or display when it is safe to do so. Always drive safely. Use at your own risk.

This page contains a consolidated overview of the app's operation. Please first review the annotated screenshot below, then refer to the surrounding text and clickable links for more information.

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GPS and OBD Status Icons

These icons are color-coded, but will also flash. When they stop flashing and become solid, they are ready for use.

When on the Setup screen, you can also tap these icons to see a text description of their status.
Signal is good
('+' icon indicates 4 Hz or higher)
  Connected and ready
Signal is fair   Interface found, connecting to vehicle
Signal is poor   Searching for interface
Attempting to acquire signal
(can also indicate no GPS available)
  Resetting, or no interface found yet
An alternating red X icon is used when no connection or signal has been found yet, but this does not add any additional meaning.
Please see the External Camera Control page for information on the ExtCam status icon that may appear for GoPro, Garmin, or other cameras.

Options and Settings
  • Track Selection: Used in Circuit and Segment modes to select or configure the current track. This is used to name the recorded session, as well as to remember where the track's start / finish line is (for lap timing and counting).

  • Video Slider: Controls the quality and file size of the video that will be recorded by this device's internal camera. This has no effect on the optional External Camera Control (GoPro, Garmin, etc.) functionality.

    The estimated amount of available recording space on your device will be displayed for the currently selected video quality level.

    Android devices are typically limited to 4 GB file size, which may limit the length of your individual recordings. When this is applicable, the estimated recording space will be reduced, and an asterisk * will displayed with it. If you exceed this limit while recording a session, the app will attempt to continue recording into an additional file, however only the first piece of video may be viewable from within the app. Please use RaceRender to creating video+data for the entire length of video.

  • More Options Button: Enables you to select Metric or US Imperial units of measure, set up Live Streaming, control a GoPro or Garmin camera, configure OBD-II and GPS add-on devices, etc.
GPS Quality and Mounting Positions
  • GPS reception is critical! The device's mounting position within your vehicle can make a huge difference.
    • Mount the device in a location away from metal and where it has an unobstructed view to the sky.
    • Using a windshield mount may offer the best location in a vehicle for GPS reception, camera angle, and visibility to the driver.
    • Do not place the device in the driver's pocket or a cup holder. Doing so frequently results in poor GPS performance.
    • Please see the Tips page for more information.

  • When recording video, use "Landscape" orientation. In other words, rotate the device on its side so that it is wider rather than taller.
  • Try to align the device straight relative to the vehicle. This app will attempt to calibrate the G-force accelerometers for any initial pitch or roll angles, but a left or right yaw cannot be easily compensated for, and will increase the amount of error in the data. Vehicles which lean or roll, such as motorcycles and aircraft, will affect the G-force readings.
  • Always make sure that the device and any accessories are mounted securely and will not come loose, as that can result in poor data quality, as well as damage and a possible hazard.
Circuit Mode: Road Course, Circle Tracks, etc.
  • Use Circuit mode for road course tracks, circle & oval tracks, and other continuous-lapping circuits.
  • Tap the Track button to select or create an entry for the desired race track or course configuration.
  • When you are ready, tap the Record button.
    • Recording will start when your vehicle reaches 10 MPH (16 km/h), or you may choose to start it manually by tapping the Record Now button.
    • If this is your first lap at the selected track, simply tap the on-screen button as you cross the start / finish line so that it knows where to separate your laps. You can also set this point ahead of time via the Track selection screen.
    • The lap timer will start running when you cross the start line. As you complete each new lap, the completed lap time will be held on screen for 15 seconds. Your best lap time of the session will be displayed in green below it.
    • When you're done driving, just tap any of the other buttons besides Record to stop recording.
Segment and Drag Race Modes: 1/4 Mile, Autocross, Rally, Drift, etc.
  • Use Drag Race mode for quarter-mile or other length straight-track drag racing.
  • Use Segment mode for autocross, rally, drifting, or other point A to point B segments.
    • To name this track, or define start and/or end points for automatic timing, tap the Track button to create or select an entry for the desired track.
  • When you are ready, tap the Record button.
    • Recording will begin when the vehicle comes to a stop, or you press the Record Now button.
    • Timing will then begin automatically once movement is detected, through either the GPS or the accelerometers.
      • If you are using Segment mode and had set a specific start location, timing will not begin until you drive across that start line, or tap the on-screen button to manually start timing.
    • If you had selected Drag Race mode, the timer will stop once you have travelled the selected distance (typically a quarter mile: 1320 feet / 402 meters). Approximately 15 seconds after coming to a stop, the recording will stop and the session will be displayed. You can also stop it sooner by tapping any of the other buttons at the bottom.
    • If you had selected Segment mode, the timer will run until either you cross the finish line you had defined on the Track Selection screen (optional), or you tap any of the other buttons besides Record to stop the recording.
Viewing, Sharing, and Exporting Your Session
  • The Sessions button will display a list of sessions that you had recorded, and allow you to view, share / export, or delete them.
    • To view and compare lap data, select the session, then tap the Detail button on the right of the desired lap.

    • You can produce data-overlay videos right on your device. Just select a session where you recorded video, touch the individual laps to highlight the range you want to include, and then tap the Video button at the bottom to view the overlay options and watch the video, or the Share button to render it into your photo album.
      • A track map, speedometer, G-force indicator, and timer will normally be available to overlay onto the video.
      • If you used a compatible OBD-II add-on device that was set to record engine RPM and throttle position OBD-II channels, a tachometer and throttle display will also be available.
      • If engine RPM and vehicle speed is recorded via OBD-II, a gear indicator may be available as well.
      • For recordings in Drag Race mode, the data overlay will intentionally freeze at the end, thereby displaying the completed 1/4 mile time and trap speed.
      • The raw video is retained so that you are free to try out different overlay options afterward. You can also send the raw video and data to your computer for many more overlay options with RaceRender, or for your own data analysis.
        • It can be shared via WiFi Transfer to compatible products (RaceRender and other instances of this app).
        • USB File Transfer also allows access to this app's session files with your computer.
        • The raw data can be sent via E-Mail, and the video can be rendered into your photo album.

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