QuickPIP is the quick and easy way to create picture-in-picture and split-screen videos!

Simply choose a layout, click & drag to customize it as you like, synchronize your camera footage, and now you're ready to create your multi-camera video.

Highly customizable layouts and features. Includes transparency / watermarking, picture adjustments, cropping & zoom, chroma key, and more.

Create high-definition video in up to 1080p, as well as your choice of 16:9, 3:2, or 4:3 aspect ratios.

Share your creation with the world using the included YouTube uploader, or enhance it further in your favorite editing program.

Note: Motorsports users can get all of this functionality and more from RaceRender!

QuickPIP is available in two editions:
  • Free Edition gives you the main functionality for free, with a QuickPIP logo on the length-limited videos it creates.
  • Deluxe Edition offers greatly increased capabilities, no logo, and a price much lower than most video software or hardware.
  Free Edition Deluxe Edition
Price Free!
$19.95 (USD)
Buy Now!
Maximum Output Video Length 3 MinutesUnlimited
Maximum Input Files / Objects
(subject to system and other technical limits)
Maximum Display Objects 24256
Maximum Timeline Segments
(per Display Object)
(video overlays)
(split screen, quad, etc.)
Custom Display Positions & Sizes YesYes
YouTube Uploader YesYes
Media Start & End Trimming YesYes
Video Synchronization Tool YesYes
Image Mirroring / Flipping YesYes
Chroma Key YesYes
Transparency / Watermarking YesYes
Audio Volume Adjustments NoYes
Audio Balance Adjustments NoYes
Picture Cropping & Digital Zoom NoYes
Image Rotation NoYes
Brightness Adjustment NoYes
Contrast Adjustment NoYes
Color Saturation Adjustment NoYes
Color Hue Adjustment NoYes
Sharpness Adjustment NoYes
Features and capabilities may be subject to system and other technical limitations.


Supported Input File Formats

MPEG-4 and H.264 Video.MP4
QuickTime® Video
Including Apple ProRes 4444 and 422
(available when Apple's QuickTime Player is installed)
Windows Media Video.WMV
Audio Video Interleave (AVI)
(compatible codecs required)
AVCHD within MPEG Transport Stream
(Windows 8 only)
MP3 Audio.MP3
MPEG-4 Audio.M4A
Wave Audio.WAV
Windows Media Audio.WMA
Common Image File Formats
JPEG, Windows Bitmap, GIF, TIFF, Targa, PNG, etc.
(some may need Apple's QuickTime Player to be installed)

Please see the system requirements for information on supporting these media formats and codecs.
QuickPIP may not be compatible with DRM-protected or other restricted-use media.

Supported Output File Formats

MPEG-4 H.264.MP4Encoding in this format requires Windows 7 or newer. High Profile is supported on Windows 8.
Windows Media Video.WMVWindows Media 9 codec. Supports WMV HD video.

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